Training Spaces and Facilities for Rent

Training Space For Rent

If you’re looking for a training space to rent, we can help here at the North Notts Business Centre. We are the perfect place for you to set up or expand your training business. We are situated in the heart of Mansfield with fantastic transportation links and a caring landlord.

We have the perfect training space for you. So whether you require a small or large training space we have a flexible solutions to suit your business.

Training Spaces Made Easy

The North Notts Business Centre is an inspirational environment for both learning and business growth. We provide a training space that will help you to succeed, foster an environment to increase your business growth and the flexibility to suit your needs.

We offer a range of different size training spaces to rent. That means whether you’re an established business or a small one just beginning to spread its wings, we have the ability to react to your commercial needs.

Yes, We do! We have training spaces to accommodate most businesses and flexible terms to help you with your set up. So whether it’s for short or long term commercial leases, just get in touch.

It’s simple! Just fill out the form on the right hand side or feel free to call on 0115 6971057  and we can book you in to take a look around our training spaces to rent.

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Flexible Leases & Contracts

we do our best to accommodate your business. Get in contact to find out how.

Meeting Spaces

We have large spaces available for your business to conduct meetings and business deals.

Fantastic Transport Links

The bus station and the train station are only a short walk away from the training space.

What We Offer As A Great Training Space

2 Types of Training Spaces To Choose From:

We have a choice of small or large training spaces to choose from at the North Notts Business Centre. We can provide you the right space and environment to help your business team grow and learn successfully.

Small Training Space

from £50 a week

Price on Application

from £25 a week

Training Space Mansfield FAQs

North Notts Business Centre ensure that training Space For Rent remains private, According to the contract, Our clients are being able to maintain their own private training space.

In general, there are a number of benefits of renting training space. Perhaps the main benefit is that they offer a flexible working option that is not always available on office premises.

Training space for rent can save you a significant amount of money, particularly if the area is renowned or is in a popular area like North Notts Business Centre. When you rent training space, you will not have to pay a high monthly rental fee that can sometimes run into thousands of dollars a month. with training space for rent, you are able to hire the room to use when you need it.

We have a range of security equipment and resources that they will use to protect your interests and your possessions as well as providing you with valuable advice and support when making decisions.

North Notts Business Centre is equipped with an internet connection, air conditioning system, telephone line, and other necessary equipment for running your business.

You will be responsible for the whole agreed rental term and amount.

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