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Are you looking for employee training spaces in the Killamarsh area? You’ve made the correct choice coming to North Notts Business Centre. We’re a provider of employee training spaces, perfect for setting up or expanding your business. The training spaces we offer are based in the Killamarsh area for excellent transportation links and other local needs.

For the perfect employee training spaces for rent in Killamarsh, why not get in contact with our Killamarsh based team on 0115 6971057 or fill our ‘talk with us’ form?

What We Offer

At North Notts Business Centre, we offer employee training spaces in Killamarsh, a centralised Killamarsh with great facilities and other Killamarsh stores and services. We will work hand in hand with your landlord to offer a quality service for your employee training space. Our contracts are flexible, with a wide range of services, from small offices, to training spaces for your employees. As mentioned, being in Killamarsh will offer great transportation links, for those offering training, as well as trainees from outside the area of Killamarsh.

Whether you are a new business in Killamarsh, or looking to expand into a larger business, we offer the perfect employee training space for you and your team members.

The employee training spaces for rent we offer come in a variety of sizes, as well as utilities to aid training with technology, ventilation and comfort.

Another benefit to our employee training spaces for rent in Killamarsh is the sheer popularity of the destination in which we offer our training spaces. Creating easy access points for those looking to travel via motorways and public transport in Killamarsh.

Talk With Us

Flexible Leases & Contracts

we do our best to accommodate your business. Get in contact to find out how.

Meeting Spaces

We have large spaces available for your business to conduct meetings and business deals.

Fantastic Transport Links

The bus station and the train station are only a short walk away from the training space.
employee training spaces

Small Offices

From £25 a week, these small and cosy office rooms provide a solid start to any hard working individual. This training space is suitable for practical use for all general office tasks.

Medium Offices

From £35 a week, this employee training space for rent is perfect for a small team that is aiming to complete general office tasks. As well as small group training possibilities.

employee training spaces

Large Offices

From £45 a week, these employee training spaces fit the bill for a team of the larger scale, great for operations, training of medium sized groups and everyday use for office tasks.

Training Offices

From £50 a week, the largest employee training space for rent that we offer, perfect for large groups of trainees and larger office teams, looking to complete tasks they’re presented with, regardless of the scale.

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