The average worker in the UK will spend 3,515 full days at work throughout their lifetime. The majority of people in Mansfield will be overly familiar with the inside of an office space, whether it brings happiness or misery is a different question. 

Productivity, measured at the rate of output per unit of input, is vital for every successful workforce. When a business can increase and improve their workload, they can create more profit. With a massive chunk of time spent sitting behind a desk, plenty of research has been conducted in order to understand the ins and outs of office life. Including the topic of productivity.

Research shows…

Whilst positive office impacts are on the rise, the statistics are still rather low. 39% say their office has a beneficial effect on their mental wellbeing (6% increase from 2016) and 34% state it positively affects physical health. (9% increase from 2016. Two thirds of UK and Mansfield workers are unhappy or discontent with their work environment, and there may be a clear cut reason for this. 

Feedback from UK employees shows that there is a preference for a designated workspace, instead of a home office. This opinion has escalated over the past few years, with an ever increasing number of people now working from home. It is assumed that these types of working environments are the way forward, with traditional private and open-spaced offices deemed “outdated”, but it may in fact be the other way around. 

The purpose of open-plan offices in Mansfield is to scale down the need for walls and barriers between workers, creating a wider space for employees to relax and work in. This appears to be the most favourable and appealing choice for many businesses with almost half of UK office employees working in open-office environments. In fact, camaraderie levels have shown to increase in open-plan offices, leading to better collaborations between co-workers and improved relationships. 


The impact of workspaces on productivity

Productivity is known to create successful businesses, with the impact of low productivity a major factor in profit loss. CEO’s must optimise workspaces in order for employees to benefit positively from the working environment, not only improving their mental and physical wellbeing but also the stability of the company. 

In March 2020 the UK was placed into a nationwide lockdown, forcing offices to shut and 43.1% of employees to work from home. Figures suggested that a third of people in Mansfield were part of that percentage, with working spaces turning from tall office buildings into the comforts of your bedroom.

Home environments certainly made their mark, with a third of UK employers saying that productivity increased by working from home. However, home offices weren’t the hugely beneficial environment some of us were expecting. It’s impossible to avoid distractions at home, especially for those with busy households. Disturbances that affected the majority of people included high levels of noise and difficulty concentrating. 

There are common factors that affect and benefit productivity in Mansfield office spaces, whether that be from home or in a designated office building. If you are an up-and-coming business owner, your office space will be an indispensable part of the company’s working environment. 

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