Looking for a new office space? Not sure where to start? When looking for a new office space, many businesses miscalculate or even overestimate how much space they will need. We know all about this at the North Notts Business centre. Below we have some questions and factors which may help you make a better decision depending on which office space you are looking for. 

  1. What do you do? Some businesses like legal or travel agencies will require large amounts of space so that their operations can be conducted in their own private office suites. Tech startups or other types of businesses can opt for coworking desks, as this option helps to save space and costs too.

2. Stage of business: Is it a few of you or a large team? Are you looking to expand in the near future? It is always worth planning for growth opportunities, should you need to expand your business, then you should have the right space already in place.

3. Is your business expanding fast? If your business is expanding fast, the best option to secure a property with a provider or landlord that allows certain flexibility, inclusive of upgrading to bigger spaces once you need to. Try adopting different workspace strategies that allow you to secure a core space with flexible options, or a hybrid combination that contains both fixed and flexible features of an office space lease. This will allow your team to scale up or downside effectively accordingly to the growth of your business.

4. Seating arrangement: Depending on each team member’s job nature and job scope, each size requirement may differ. Many new workspaces have begun to incorporate hot desk concepts in their new set-up, instead of fixed seating for every member of their staff. We always recommend finding an office space that suits your needs.

5. Ancillary space: This all comes down to the company and the individuals. Maybe an agency would need a meeting room, kitchen and separate areas for departments. 

6. How big is your current space? Use this as a guideline to work from. Is your company undergoing an expansion or downsizing? Or is it going through a cost-cutting exercise? Beside procuring a new space with a lower rent per square foot, a smaller space definitely will also help to save the bulk of the costs. A proper evaluation is required, in order to determine what are the costs that can be eliminated, resulting in a properly planned optimised workspace.

7. Alternative storage –  Does your business require a lot of space for storage? Is the storage required really necessary, especially in today’s environment, where most documents are digitally stored and secured in the cloud or within servers? Or perhaps, you may also look at outsourcing storage space to alternative locations that provide ad-hoc storage services at an offsite location at a much lower and competitive price.

8. Server space: Do you still need a server space? If so, is it still necessary to have your server space on site? Depending on the exact amount of server space required, it could be a better idea to outsource it too. Besides, server space in your own office space may require 24 hours air-conditioning to maintain it. By outsourcing it, you may also help to reduce your utility bills by a huge portion.

9. Use IOT (Internet of things) tools to determine your workspace efficiency. By leveraging IOT tools, you can make use of the analytics data to manage the air-con, lighting operations as well as to determine how frequently a portion of the space has been well utilised. Using the data derived from the tools, you can better eliminate the excess space and plan optimum usage for the space required. However, it will only make sense for such tools to be deployed before the move to a new space, so as to pre-determine the actual space required.

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