The keys to running a successful training session are planning and preparation. It is common knowledge that a well thought out training session can promote productivity for trainees. These tips will help those renting training space for training sessions and focus on what you can do to turn a good session into a great one.

This article by North Notts Business Centre will provide a tip list on all the areas to cover when renting a training space for training sessions. We are an office space lease company, with years of experience in the industry. If you are looking for an office space with competitive pricing and a landlord that cares, but sure to contact us. We can provide information on office and training spaces to suit your needs.

1. Don’t Overload The Training Session

Resist the temptation to cram in as much as possible for your training session, it will only lead to info overload for the trainees. Instead, set a realistic training outcome and build your session around this key objective. Employees and trainees are more likely to be productive and efficient if they are confident in their ability.

2. Set The Mood

If you want to up-skill, inspire and motivate then invest time creating the right environment to do so, like our training spaces. No one finds a dark basement and a two-hour presentation stimulating for a training session. Whether you’re looking for a quirky venue to spark creativity or a flexible space to accommodate different training exercises, opt for venues with lots of natural daylight and minimal noise distractions.

3. Mix it up

There are many studies that claim that the average human loses their attention after around 10 minutes of concentration. To keep boredom at bay, cater for different learning styles and keep participants on their toes, make sure your training session incorporates a variety of exercises.

4. Get Physical

No matter how experienced a trainer you are sometimes you lose the energy of the group. If you notice this happening, there’s no need to panic. Just take some time out to do a quick five-minute exercise that gets participants on their feet and moving about.

5. Don’t Scrimp On Refreshments

With so many different catering options there is really no excuse for event organisers not to lay on a decent spread. Trust us on this one, people care about refreshments. So, keep concentration levels up by ensuring that participants are properly fuelled for the session.

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