Moving into a new office space can provoke a lot of thought, especially how you’re going to set up. The space will provide function for day-to-day work activities, so it has to be functional, yet appealing to work in.

This article by North Notts Business Centre will provide a quick checklist on all the areas to cover when setting up an office. We are an office space lease company, with years of experience in the industry. If you are looking for an office space with competitive pricing and a landlord that cares, but sure to contact us. We can provide information on office and training spaces to suit your needs.

The Checklist

It is never too early to begin planning for office space set up options. It would be better to have changes in the earlier stages of moving into an office space, rather than changing things around later. This is because once employees are set up, making changes to organisation may be counterproductive and waste valuable working hours. That being said, let’s get into some recommendations of setting up an office.

  • Check for possible legal constraints: for example, will the lease restrict your ability to make use of space, or require permission?
  • Be sure to meet the minimum requirements for space, heat, light, toiletries, resting facilities etc.
  • Begin taking note of where furniture will be placed, taking into consideration the number of employees and what furnitire they require. Examples, desks, chairs, storage cabinets etc.
  • Similarly, the same goes for IT requirements. You will need space for computers, printers and networking equipment.
  • Take into consideration the health & safety act. Adequate lighting and ventilation, exit routes and any fire precautions at hand.
  • Also consider the equality act and remove physical barriers for those with disabilities.
  • Though not legally essential, an office set up would benefit from security. Things like alarm systems, additional locks on windows and doors.
  • Plan the layout, be sure that employees are fairly close to equipment they need to avoid traffic throughout the office.
  • Be sure to receive feedback from your employees about the office set up, with suggestions also.
  • Get furniture you do not already have as early as possible. Doing this later can cause issues in placement.
  • Ensure necessary insurance policies are in place.
  • And finally, it’s time to inform customers, suppliers and other contacts of your new office address. Be sure to update your website and social media profiles with your new contact details.

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