Whether you’re an expanding company, or a new found business, calculating the amount of space needed for your employees may be a difficult task. Such decisions can have a large impact on whether or not a business thrives. A well measured approach to office space can lead to employees being more productive, meeting deadlines. Not to mention raising their morale and happiness throughout working hours.

This article by North Notts will seek to provide readers with some knowledge on typical office sizes for employees. As well as the function it can serve. Be sure to check out our site, or contact our friendly team for any enquiries on office and training spaces for rent.

Office Sizes

As imagined, office sizes can come in a variety of sizes, with different uses for each. The variables at hand for example would be as followed:

CEOs & Vices

Employees with a higher prestige, like CEOs, Chairmen or Presidents usually have larger offices. Though many may think a larger office may just function as a method of pushing the ‘boss’ theme, it serves more purpose. An employee of this rank may be required to have knowledge of different sectors of the business for management function. Saying this, the larger office space is needed for a number of reasons, from small conferences and meetings to space for technology.

Other Employee Variables

Those needing office spaces can be using them for a variety of reasons. From admin use to teaching, a general rule would be for employees to have 100sq.ft. This amount of space can function general use, with enough space for a desk and other required furnishings. An office of this size will still provide enough space for file drawers, as an example, but still keep the price on a favourable side.

Conference Rooms & Kitchens

As a business expands, a stapling point for any office will be space for employees to relax during their breaks. Being able to prepare meals, make drinks and mingle with other employees is the use for kitchen space. A kitchen, again, can raise morale for employees and boost their general happiness during working hours, provoking higher productivity.

On the theme of mingling, a conference room will serve a similar function. Another staple for a well established office in the use of a conference room for briefs and meetings. Being able to communicate with an entire team at one time is a common theme throughout a progressive office environment.

Space For Growth

As a sign off point, no employee wants to move location as it can break morale and create issues for employees in the departments of travel etc. If you have plans for your business growing in the near future, be sure to have space for more employees on recruitment.


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